The Makings of a Maniac -Volume Three

The Makings of a Maniac
Volume Three
Intimacy or Isolation

From someone who has had a world of wicked experiences, being caught up in the world of sex, drugs and everything else in-between. A blow by blow account of an array of different situations over a range of ages from around the world, across the lifespan of this outrageous character.

Not your average person on any account. Things that you wouldn’t read about in a normal world. And while many people have dabbled in a few things at different times of their life, nothing would be further from the truth with Frederick Thomas.

You think it, and name it, he might just have done it. Find out what it was like in this instalment. Available soon.

Intimacy or Isolation

ePub version

Published: Coming Soon

Available in: English

Edition: Third Edition
Publisher: northern studio