The Makings of a Maniac -Volume One

The Makings of a Maniac

Volume One

Preface by the iconic Jaxon Magoo

Life’s perceptions are not always as we would think them to be.

Things have a habit of changing, regardless of time. There are always ups and downs, as I lie here upon the bed of life, gazing out the window while being shrouded in the warmth that only the sun can provide. It’s absolute bliss and, for a dog, I have no responsibilities, no requirements, and no need for anything, well not at this point in my life. The meanderings of such a character have never been so colourful. Hello, my name is Magoo, Jaxon Magoo. I am a real dog, and my owner Frederick Thomas is using me to partly tell the story of his earlier years, when he grew up, mostly with farm animals as
pets and friends.

You’ve all heard the term, “checks and balances”, well this guy didn’t have any, and probably never really has had very many along his life’s journey.

Life has funny twists and turns, and one man’s poison is another’s treats so to speak, bizarre as it may sound. So why me and what sets this story apart. As seen partly through my eyes, the first few
chapters anyway, you’ll see an often crazy, macabre and innocent look on life from the ’60s and ’70s. Not everyone’s ideal life, but an adventure itself. And that just BookOne – the easy read.

And with a skilled orator such as myself, I must confess that I have more of a grasp on things than what one realizes. With a world of colour, there is so much to say, and little that can be forgotten.

The life of Frederick Thomas was one where living on a rural farm in the backblocks of Taihape, NZ, didn’t really allow for school friends to drop by, and one had to make their own way in life.The domains of the human psyche evolved quickly, as did his mind and expressions.

Initially the character gives me creative licence to string together a few words to excite the mind and flavour the senses, and I am sure that with the limited vocabulary and the words at my attention, you’ll get the drift and be able to work out that there is more in life than what initially meets the

By the time you get to chapter 8, he’ll immerse himself more as he develops and matures along the journey, so enjoy the ride. Buckle up, and get your cuppa, as we’re sure once you start, you won’t want
to stop.



by Frederick Thomas
ISBN: 978-0473-471200

ePub version

Published: January 14, 2019

Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: northern studio