The Makings of a Maniac -Volume Four

The Makings of a Maniac
Volume Four
Living behind the Veil

We all at some point in our lives, are faced with the big questions, is there a God or gods, and if so why and what I am doing about it, religion, faith, questions about beliefs, what about the afterlife, is there one, what’s the purpose of living. In our modern world do we really need faith, a belief, a God?

From someone who has experienced so many things that go beyond the average person’s belief structure. A lifetime of being touched in many ways. No drug-fuelled or psychedelic fantasies to enhance this person’s capacity to see. And like a dog that has constantly been straining at the end of his leash, Frederick Thomas takes us on a journey that has seen him travel to many countries, experience living in different cultures, and touched on various dimensions throughout his life.

Not content to accept one simple solution in faith and life’s abundance, Frederick Thomas has knocked on the door of worldwide conspiracies, and the whole aspect that “Life exists out there”. Fact is stranger than fiction, and while it is always nice to slip away into a dreamlife or science fiction movie, what if that dreamlife and fantasy were what you are living in now. And while many people have dabbled in a few spiritual things at different times of their life, nothing would be further from the truth with Frederick Thomas. Life on many layers all the time.

Find out what it has been like and what the answers are in this final installment. Available soon

Living behind the Veil


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Edition: Fourth Edition
Publisher: northern studio