The Makings of a Maniac -Volume Two

The Makings of a Maniac
Volume Two
Title: “Covid killed my Lifestyle”


One has to explain why this book is titled the way it is, is in fact pretty damm simple. The current state of the global pandemic has changed everything, and its only now that this can be written as its a chapter of my life well and truly finished. I never saw it coming to be honest.

In this edition we’ll weigh up the power of the mind, and the power of creativity and where that can propel you, as seen through the eyes of someone diagnosed with ADHD. How one can go from being a humble motor mechanic in a medium rural town in New Zealand to running International companies making Television Campaigns all over the world and being in the circles of the rich and famous, as well as those with not so glamorous positions. A crazy world of film making visual effects and music videos with MTV.

No other job that I know of, can take you from being on a commercial shoot in the morning, to filming an interview with convicted murderers in a prison in the afternoon, to filming drug fuelled teenagers having car crashes and stabbing someone in a suburb at night, to finally interviewing a psychologist very late at night about helping disillusioned youth.

From a world of having nothing to having it all and back again.

Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves? Is it wrong to want more, to want money, to be successful, and to prosper?

We’ll look at the reasons behind the madness. And as we journey through life over the last 3 to 4 decades, we’ll look at someone world of altered reality, as someone who has travelled to many parts of the world, experienced many unexplainable things, and been involved with all kinds of people. From Princes to the poor, its been a mad ride, struck down by Covid 19.

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Covid killed my Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-0473-471194

ePub version

Available in: English

Edition: Second Edition
Publisher: northern studio