The Makings of a Maniac -Volume Two

The Makings of a Maniac
Volume Two
Rite of Passage (currently in development)

One has to explain why this book is frame-worked in the way it is, in preference of a normal, beginning, middle and ending that most have come to expect.

The idea is to separate out the three aspects of human life, body, soul, and spirit. Well that is how I see it anyway, through experiences, supported by all the evidence that most religions, faiths, and general beliefs have.

And after seeing a few dead and dying people around me, one starts to really notice that there is something there, and our inquisitive nature wants to know what, or question it.

I have no intention to Bible bash you or try and convince to you that God is real, that Jesus came to earth, and that there is an evil master, will leave that up to you to decide for yourself. I can only provide the evidence, the experiences, and the different things that have happened to me along the way.

Starting with our most common desire and fascination, that of sexuality and finding a partner or two in life. It quite normal to experiment and try things out, and we really don’t need permission to do it. It seems though that those of us that get caught up in religion do. We try and not think for ourselves, or even when we do, we put boundaries around ourselves and say,

“Oh no, we cannot do that, it’s evil”, or “Oh no homosexuality is a sin against God, can’t abide by that”

So why are we programmed to think that way?

Through the experiences I will share, you will be titillated, enthralled, and challenged. Do you want to try? I call it “Eros.”

Next, we’ll weigh up the power of the mind, as seen through the eyes of someone diagnosed with ADHD. How one can go from being a motor mechanic in a medium rural town in New Zealand to running International companies making Television Campaigns all over the world. From having nothing to having it all and back again. Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves? Is it wrong to want more, to want money, to be successful, and to prosper? We’ll search the reasons behind the madness. This is the world determined through the term “filo” for friendship.

And finally, as we journey through life, we’ll look at spirituality, the existence of God, and the falsity of religion. From someone who has travelled to many parts of the world, experienced many unexplainable things, and been involved with shamans, psychics, and mediums, preachers, and monks, global men of God, and all kinds of self-confessed healers. “Agape” The quintessential meaning to life. Or unconditional love, something that we relate to when we have our own children.

Is there anybody out there.?

Rite of Passage

ISBN: 978-0473-471194

ePub version

Published: Coming Soon

Available in: English

Edition: Second Edition
Publisher: northern studio